DWDM training with vendors’ implementations

Course Description

With technical depth and the instructor’s vast personal experiences, the
training “DWDM With Vendors’ Implementations” guides
the participants through the DWDM concept, its functionality, design principles,
planning of networks, calculations of link budgets etc. All along
the training, as the different parts of the system are hi-lighted, important
parameters and their respective settings for optimal performance are
discussed. The training is customized to the choice of vendor.

Selected Contents

Fiber access technology and status (FTTH etc.)
Mobile backhaul and Mobile Fronthaul (CPRI, OBSAI, SynchE, 1588)
Coroporate services, Datacenter interconnect etc.
Ethernet and Carrier Ethernet
Basics about fiber communication:
How fibers work, fiber types, Attenuation, Dispersion, PMD, Lasers etc.
Optical interfaces.
Parameters, how to read standard etc.
Active systems and components
Transponders, muxponders, EDFA, Raman etc.
Design principles using network case (planning waves, balancing waves, calculations)
Pluggable optics
Overview of formfactors and capabilities.
Planning networks
Exercises, attenuation, dispersion, reading specs etc.

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