About us

Providing capability to perform

Widermind in Brief

Widermind delivers 5G and IoT competence and capabilities to leading Telco Operators on a global level. +20 years of training, the pioneers of the mobile community have honed our skills to convey competence efficiently in terms of time and money spent. In every training, we strive to provide the highest quality regarding performance and technical level.

Trainers with hands-on experience

Widermind trainers are telecom specialists with +15 years of R&D and engineering projects such as;

  • Develop and design cellular networks for tunnel coverage in Metro systems,
  • Develop 3GPP specifications,
  • Develop electronic designs and micro antennas for NB-IoT devices,
  • Conformance testing of RF equipment.

This enables us to understand the everyday problems your engineers struggle with and hence share our experiences from finding the right solutions.

Widermind Consulting

Widermind experts assist leading 5G operators on a daily basis with 5G Radio Planning, Network Optimization, LTE NB-IoT/CaT-M implementation etc. Other customers benefit from, e.g. NB-IoT electronic designs and micro antenna development. All this experience adds high-value content to the training.

Service and Flexibility

Widermind’s guiding star is service and flexibility. We custom design course contents to meet customers challenges and requirements. We deliver in-house training events at our customer’s premises, live courses over the Web and regularly scheduled open events.