5G New Radio and NGRAN

The course 5G New Radio and Next Generation RAN provides a technical description of the emerging standard for 5G radio access New Radio (NR) and Next-Generation Radio Access Network (NGRAN) developed by 3GPP as part of Release-15 and Release-16.

The NR part of the course covers physical layer aspects as well as layer 2 and layer 3 aspects, with focus on the physical layer. The NGRAN part covers the RAN-internal interfaces (Xn, F1 and E1) as well as the NG-interfaces towards the 5G core network (5G NAS protocols are mentioned but covered in less detail).

Rel-15 is scheduled for completion in September 2018, with some features moved to March-2019. Rel-16 is expected to be completed in March 2020. This course will continuously be updated according to these new releases.

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